Get affordable internet service on-the-go with hotspots and data-only plans

Red Pocket offers internet service starting at $10.00 per month. Purchase a hotspot device for internet on the go, or purchase just a service plan to use with your existing modem.

Does Red Pocket Mobile offer internet solutions?

Yes! We offer portable WiFi solutions thanks to our affordable hotspot and tablet devices. Use with one of our broadband service plans -- starting at just $10/month for 1GB of high-speed data -- to connect to the internet from anywhere! 


How does a hotspot work?

Hotspots are handheld internet devices that function as both routers and modems, for easy-to-use, turn it on, and go internet access. As long as your hotspot device is in a covered area, it will receive a signal and can broadcast that wireless signal allowing you to connect your computer, tablet, or even smartphone device to the internet. 


What network does your internet service use?

Purchase a hotspot device from and select one of our GSMT SIM Cards for a service plan. The GSMT network offers some of the fastest speeds in the nation.

You can also purchase broadband data-only SIM cards a la carte from, which run on the GSMA network. Our broadband data-only SIM cards and service plans will work with any GSM unlocked hotspot or tablet device -- including the hotspot devices we sell at The GSMA network offers widespread, reliable coverage nationwide. 

Learn more about our networks.