Back To School Sale! $300 off iPhone. $100 instant discount and $200 rebate.

This offer has expired. Please visit for current offers. 

Red Pocket Mobile offers $200 off any new iPhone this back-to-school season. Get a $100 instant discount at checkout and a $200 rebate after 3 months of consecutive service on a qualifying GSMA plan, (unlimited everything plans, starting at $20 per month) with Auto-Pay enabled.

Learn more about rebate qualifying requirements here


Which iPhones are included in this sale?

All iPhones from are included. Select an unlimited everything GSMA plan when you purchase your device or, if you are a qualifying existing customer, log in to your account and choose your existing qualifying line. 


How can an existing customer take advantage of this offer?

Red Pocket Mobile is happy to offer the $100 instant discount and the $200 rebate to existing customers who purchase a new iPhone to use with their existing, qualifying GSMA line. If you have a line with another network (GSMT or CDMA) unfortunately, you would not be eligible for this offer. You will have to purchase and active a new line of service with your iPhone order to take advantage of this offer. 

If you have a GSMA line and a monthly plan, but not a qualifying plan, you'll have the option to upgrade your plan when you place your order.

Step 1: Simply choose the iPhone you're interested in, then select "UPGRADE DEVICE".

Step 2: Login to your existing account and choose your GSMA line.

Step 3: Click on UPGRADE PLAN to switch your existing GSMA line from an un-qualifying plan to a qualifying plan, and then, you may proceed with your order.  

Please note that previous months of service on an existing line will not apply toward the 3 months of service rebate requirement. 

GSMA lines with annual plans or family plans cannot be upgraded to fit the offer requirements during your order. You will have to purchase and active a new line of service with your iPhone order to take advantage of this offer. 


Which networks are included in this sale?

This offer applies to GSMA unlimited everything plans only. 


Is the iPhone locked?

The 12-month device lock period applies. Devices are locked to the Red Pocket Mobile GSMA network.  See our Help Desk articles for device lock policy


When does the sale begin and end?

Offer begins on August 1, 2022 and ends on August 16, 2022.