CDMAS Data Errors 67, 1012, 2048

Error 67: Registration Failure

Error 67 indicates the username and password can't register with the CDMA-S network. The password is assigned by the network as part of authentication.  It’s not visible or editable.  The username is the NAI (Network Access Identifier), which is comprised of the 10-digit MDN, the Red Pocket CDMA-S Realm, and the Sprint Domain:                                                                                                                                                 

 The device may not have been programmed with the correct username and password after one of the following transactions:

  • Data service has been re-provisioned
  • Activation of a device that has previously been used (old username and password are still in the device from previous owner or previous activation).
  • The account has been hotlined or suspended.

The error text usually displayed: “Error Code 67: Registration failure. Press OK for options. Your username and/or password may be incorrect. Please try again. If this problem persists, you may need to contact your service provider”.

Error 1012: Could not prepare data services

Error code 1012 is displayed for two primary reasons:     

  • The network is busy.     

  • Provisioning is not complete in the billing system.
  • Incorrect programming of the MSID.  

The error text usually displayed: “Could not prepare data services. Please try again later”.

Error 2048:  Network busy

Error Code 2048 indicates that the device cannot acquire network resources.  Primary causes include:

  • The network is temporarily busy.

  • The subscription is suspended.
  • There is an incorrect setting on the network (IP Capable field in HLR set to “N” during provisioning because the SKU is recorded as ‘not data-capable’ in NMS).
  • There is incorrect setting in the device (settings may have been manually disabled or changed).    

 The error text usually displayed: “Network Busy. Please try again” The end user must click Retry or Cancel.

Resolution for Errors 67, 1012, 2048

For voice and data devices:       

  • Locate the Update Data Profile or Update Settings in the device or by dialing ##UPDATE# (873283)       

  • Select option to Update Data Profile. This will update the device with correct network data settings.       
  • If Update fails, try temporarily connecting to a WiFi Network and re-attempt to Update Data Profile      
  • Device will display message similar to the following for up to two minutes while programming is in progress: “Updating Settings.”  Do not cancel the programming.       
  • Power-cycle the device after programming is complete to clear any additional errors.


If this fails to resolve the issue, please contact Red Pocket Customer Service.