CDMAS - How do I Resolve "Your Account Cannot Be Validated" Error?

If upon initiating a call you receive the error message “Your Account Cannot Be Validated”, this generally indicates that the initial Activation programming of your device was unsuccessful. First, attempt to follow the instructions that were sent in your initial Activation email from Red Pocket, both the Over the Air activation method and the Manual activation method. If neither of these methods work, please try each of the trouble shooting methods below:

  1. Dial ##UPDATE# (##873283#).
  2. Enter into Settings>About Device>Update Profile. Then enter into Settings>About Device>Update PRL. (Note: The location of the Update Profile and Update PRL functions may vary based upon device. Please refer to your device manual if you have difficulty locating these options. Additionally, it is best to attempt these steps while connected to WiFi.).
  3. If none of the above steps are successful please try power cycling your device.

If you still experience the same issue after attempting all above steps, please contact Red Pocket Mobile customer service and advise them of the issue by dialing 611 or (888)993-3888, or initiate a live chat by clicking on the Live Support Online button on the left side of the screen after you first search for your problem in the search box above.