CDMAS MMS troubleshooting

MMS Overview

Multi-media Messaging Service (MMS) is the ability to send and receive picture and video media on the device.

MMS uses Data to send a picture as an SMS Message; therefore you will need to have Data on your wireless plan or be connected to WiFi in order to send an MMS Message to another wireless subscriber or email.


MMS Trouble Causes

The primary reason MMS fails is that the MMS URL is incorrect in the MMSC URL field of the device. This is sometimes called the MMS URL or Picture Mail URL.

For Red Pocket Mobile CDMA-S, the MMSC URL needs to be


Changing the MMSC URL

These steps may vary slightly depending on the Manufacturer of your device:

  • From the Main Menu, select the Phone Dial Option
  • Dial ##DATA# (3282)
  • Select the option to Edit
  • When prompted for the Service Code or MSL, enter the 6 Digit MSL Code provided by Customer Service
  • Locate the MMSC Settings which may be under Advanced Settings or MMS Settings
  • Edit the MMSC URL or Picture Mail URL to be (The Default URL is
  • Select Home button to return to the Main Menu
  • Device may reboot


Avoid Device Reset

BYOSD Devices and handsets that have the Sprint logo on them will have the default MMSC URL whenever devices are purchased or Reset to Factory Default Settings.  Each time your device is reset to default settings or receives a Software Update, you will need to check the MMSC URL to ensure that this has not been changed.