Trade-in your old phone to get money back

Trade-in your old phone and get 33% more than other carriers pay out. Receive a payment just 1 day after your phone is received.

Interested in a new iPhone or Samsung device from Red Pocket Mobile? Trade-in your old phone with our partner Decluttr to keep more money in your pocket! Get a rebate for your device after you send your old phone in. 

How does the trade-in work?

  1. On the Red Pocket Mobile website, before you make your new phone selections, you’ll be able to enter your old phone’s model, storage size, and carrier status to see how much money you’ll get when you Trade-In.
  2. After you finish your Red Pocket Mobile order, click on the “Continue” button to go to the Decluttr webpage, or head over to to finish the process. 
  3. Complete the easy trade-in process by registering for an account with Decluttr. Ship your old device to Decluttr for free.

The day after Decluttr processes your trade-in you’ll receive a rebate for your device, via Direct Deposit or PayPal. 

Although the trade-in is a two-step process, you’ll instantly receive your payment once Decluttr processes your phone. Other carriers’ trade-in process may seem simple, but payment is often provided in monthly credits and can take years to fully receive. 

If you have any questions about your trade-in payment or want to check on the status of your trade-in, contact Decluttr customer service by going to

Visit to begin your order. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

If I decide not to trade in, can I still place a Red Pocket order?

Of course! Your trade-in will not affect your Red Pocket Mobile order. If you complete a valuation on the website and then decide not to go through with the trade-in, you’ll still receive your Red Pocket Mobile order as expected. 

In addition, you can head to the Decluttr website at any time to trade-in. 


How do I send my old phone into Decluttr?

Once you complete the trade-in process on the Decluttr website, you’ll be sent a UPS shipping label, so you can send in your device for free!


I previously completed a valuation for my device, but now the valuation amount is different?

Decluttr holds your trade-in amount for 28 days to fight inflation. After 28 days the amount you’ll get for your trade-in may change.