What happens to my financing if I cancel service with Red Pocket?

If I cancel my lease how are the remaining payments handled?

All returns are handled by SmartPay. You may contact SmartPay customer service by calling 1-855-249-8371 to request a return.


Returning your phone

SmartPay will not refund any previous lease payments as they are considered part of your SmartPay lease plan. Once SmartPay receives the device, it will be inspected for damages. If the device is in good working condition the lease will be closed and SmartPay will cease collecting lease payments. However, you are still liable for any past due amounts due under your account, including late fees. If the device is damaged, you will be charged a damage fee. You are responsible for securing safe delivery of the device to SmartPay and should package with care.


What happens if I cancel or change only my service plan?

SmartPay only allows you to lease 1 device at a time, along with the 1-month service plan, therefore, a partial return is not applicable.


What happens if I change my plan?

When your billing cycle renews, you will be charged, through Smartpay, for your phone lease and for the new plan you have selected.  

If you change your plan to a lower-cost plan, unfortunately, you will not receive a refund for any past payments. Please make plan changes towards the end of your billing cycle so you are able to fully use the minutes, text messages, and data MBs allocated to you for your plan.