5G compatibility and enabling 5G

Yes! Sign up for a GSMA,  GSMT, or CDMA plan to access 5G speeds. 5G compatible iPhones and some Android phones will be able to take advantage of 5G speeds.

Setting Your Phone Up On 5G

Step 1: Complete normal set up on your new line

If you're a new customer, make sure you have activated your phone at redpocket.com/activate. You'll also need to place a phone call to set up talk and text functionality.

Click here for GSMA setup steps

Click here for GSMT setup steps

Click here for CDMA setup steps

If you've already activated your phone and placed your first phone call, please proceed to step 2. 


Step 2: Configure your Access Point Name (APN) settings

For GSMA, you'll need to configure your phones' APN settings. For existing customers, this is a step you may have already completed when you first set up your phone. However, to get 5G working on your phone you must download the latest APN network settings. Please complete this step again. Visit redpocket.com/configure to download APN network settings.  


Step 3: iPhone - Download the new OS and new Carrier Settings

After your phone has been activated and APN settings configured, download your phone's latest operating system and updated carrier settings. If you have an Android phone, skip this step. 

  • On iPhone, go to the Settings application
  • Tap on General
  • Tap on Software Update
  • Run the latest software update. You may need to charge your phone. 
  • Once the latest software update has finished downloading, go back to the Settings main screen. 
  • Tap on General
  • Tap on About
  • If prompted, follow the steps under the About section to update your device to the latest Carrier Settings.  


Step 4: Confirm that you have coverage in your area

For 5G to work, you must have 5G coverage in your area. In areas where 5G is not available, your device will automatically switch to a slower speed tier. 

Click here for the Red Pocket Mobile coverage map.