5G on Red Pocket Mobile

5G is here! Red Pocket Mobile is proud to support 5G speeds on the GSMT, GSMA, and CDMA networks. Click here to learn more about the different networks we support. Keep reading to learn about 5G and compatible phones. 


What is a 5G compatible phone?

A 5G compatible phone is a device that includes brand new technology, allowing it to take advantage of the latest iteration of the mobile network. 

“5G wireless technology is meant to deliver higher multi-Gbps peak data speeds, ultra-low latency, more reliability, massive network capacity, increased availability, and a more uniform user experience to more users.”

- Qualcomm


Is 5G offered everywhere?

Not yet, but it is spreading quickly. Remember, if you're located in an area that does not offer 5G, your 5G compatible phone will default to the next speed tier (for example, LTE or HSPA+) automatically. 

Red Pocket Mobile's 5G compatibility:

  5G available on iPhone? 5G available on Android?
GSMA Yes! Yes!
GSMT Coming soon Yes!
CDMA Yes! Yes!


5G on the Red Pocket Mobile GSMA Network

Red Pocket Mobile's GSMA network works with unlocked phones and phones that are AT&T-compatible. On the GSMA network, we support 5G-capable iPhones and most popular 5G-capable Android phones.

5G on the Red Pocket Mobile GSMT Network

On the GSMT network, we support some of the most popular 5G-capable Android phones. 5G for iPhone on the GSMT network is not yet available. We will provide an update as soon as 5G becomes available on GSMT for iPhone. 

While 5G speeds are not supported on GSMT iPhone at this time, 5G is supported on the GSMA and CDMA networks for iPhone. To learn about switching to the GSMA or the CDMA network, visit our plans page at redpocket.com/plans or contact a customer support representative for help.

Don't worry! You can still use your 5G compatible iPhone on our GSMT network (or any of our other networks) and you'll receive a fast, high-speed connection with 4G LTE or HSPA+. To learn more about phones that are compatible with Red Pocket read our Will my phone work with Red Pocket Mobile article. 

When 5G is supported on GSMT for iPhone, your device will be able to access it.