Red Pocket Mobile Samsung android phones

Our Samsung android phones are certified pre-owned (reconditioned by the manufacturer), and are available unlocked from

Red Pocket Mobile now offers Android phones!

Our unlocked, Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Samsung phones are refurbished directly from the OEM (original equipment manufacturer). Get the android device you've had your eye on at an affordable price. 

Plus, get additional discounts when you bundle your phone with one of our service plans. See available discounts by reviewing our plan credits FAQ

Are Red Pocket Mobile's Android phones locked?

No, our Android phones are unlocked and can be used with any GSM network SIM, including Red Pocket's GSMA, GSMT, and CDMA network SIM cards.

When you bundle your phone purchase with one of our calling plans at, you'll receive a GSMA SIM card and plan. Visit our plans page to review all available plans and networks.

If you purchase a service plan with a plan credit discount, your service plan must remain active for the duration of the plan credit promotion to realize the full value of your savings. If you cancel service or change your plan, you'll forfeit your remaining plan credit discount. Click here to learn more about plan credits. 

What does Certified Pre-Owned mean?

Red Pocket Mobile's Android phones are pre-owned phones that have been cleaned, tested, and repaired (if necessary) by the device manufacturer, Samsung, before being packaged and made available for purchase.

Samsung does more than hit the reset button. Before any device gets labeled Samsung Certified Pre-Owned, it gets completely taken apart and rebuilt by the same engineers who built Samsung's new phones. Samsung replaces worn-out pieces and includes the same one-year warranty their new phones come with, for extra peace of mind.

What is the return policy?

Any and all Samsung pre-owned condition devices cannot be returned as open-box items. These products must be returned in their original packaging.

By purchasing, you agree to the Red Pocket Terms and Conditions together with this return policy. This return policy may be modified or changed without notice.