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Are Red Pocket Mobile's iPhones locked? Unlocked? 5G?

Red Pocket Mobile offers brand new iPhones. 5G supported on newer models. Devices are locked for 12 months. Financing is available.

Red Pocket Mobile offers brand-new iPhones, with financing options powered by SmartPay. See if you qualify with no change to your credit score!

Supported networks

Red Pocket Mobile used to offer iPhones with service plans on only the GSMA network, however, we’ve recently expanded to offer activation on any network you choose!

5G is the 5th generation of broadband technology, deployed in 2019. It's faster than its predecessors. 5G is not available everywhere but coverage is expanding fast. Newer phones support 5G technology and fall back to older network technology (like 4G and 4G LTE) when 5G is unavailable. Click here to learn how Red Pocket Mobile supports 5G


Locked or Unlocked

You can purchase an iPhone, fully unlocked, without a service plan. Phones purchased with service plans are locked to the selected network (see our unlock policy).  

Red Pocket Mobile offers: 

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max (5G)
  • iPhone 13 Pro (5G)
  • iPhone 13 mini (5G)
  • iPhone 13 (5G)
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max (5G
  • iPhone 12 Pro (5G)
  • iPhone 12 Mini (5G)
  • iPhone 12 (5G)
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 11 Pro*
  • iPhone XS Max*
  • iPhone XS*
  • iPhone XR*
  • iPhone 8*
  • iPhone 8 Plus*
  • iPhone 7*
  • iPhone 7 Plus*

*These devices have been sold out and are no longer available. Click here to take a look at available iPhones.