Can I transfer my eSIM plan from one phone to another?

Yes! You can take your eSIM from one line to another.

Transferring an eSIM from an iPhone to an iPhone

To transfer an eSIM from one iPhone to another iPhone, you may use Apple's built-in eSIM transfer process.

  • You must be logged into your iCloud account on both phones for this process to work.
  • Both iPhones must be turned on. 
  • Both iPhones must have a passcode but are unlocked during the transfer process. 
  • Both iPhones must be running iOS 16 or newer. 

To transfer your eSIM from one iPhone to another, complete the following steps: 

  1. Go to Settings > Cellular.
  2. Tap on Add eSIM.
  3. Select the eSIM from your old iPhone that you want to bring over. 

If an Android device is involved in the transfer process (weather you are coming from an iPhone and going to an Android phone, or coming form an Android phone and going to an iPhone, you will need a brand new eSIM to move your service plan and phone number over to a new device. 

Transferring eSIM to (or from) an Android phone

Visit to request a replacement for your eSIM. A Red Pocket Mobile customer service representative can generate a new eSIM for you. You can then complete the setup steps to download that eSIM profile onto a different phone.