Can I use a device that does not accept a SIM card?

Devices without SIM slots are normally non-LTE CDMA devices. Red Pocket Mobile offers services and plans on all major networks in the US. This means devices without a SIM Slot may be eligible on our CDMA network.

Please note that some devices without SIM cards may also be Sprint CDMAS devices. The CDMAS network has been decommissioned and therefore these devices will no longer work. If your phone is a CDMAS Sprint device, please click here to learn more about the shutdown. 

LTE devices (including LTE CDMA devices) and all GSM devices (including GSMA and GSMT compatible devices) accept and require a SIM. 

Important! If you would like to bring a phone to use with a Red Pocket Mobile plan, please make sure your device is VoLTE-compatible. Click here to learn more about VoLTE-compatible devices. 


How to check device compatibility?

To see if your phone is compatible, and find out which network it will work with, visit and click on "Check Your Network".