Can I use my existing SIM card to port in my number from another provider?

Red Pocket Mobile can only support SIM Cards that are GSMA, GSMT, or CDMA compatible and bear the Red Pocket logo. 

If your SIM Card # begins with 89014 then you have a GSMA-compatible SIM Card.  Red Pocket GSMA utilizes a GSM Network and SIM Cards can only be activated once.

If your SIM Card # begins with 89012 then you have a GSMT-compatible SIM Card.

If your SIM Card # begins with 89148 then you have a CDMA-compatible SIM Card.  

Purchase a Red Pocket SIM card from and get a monthly (30-day) plan, or get a 12-month plan with your SIM card from

If you're interested in eSIM, choose "Free Instant eSIM" when you add one of our GSMA plans to your shopping cart. Click here to learn more about eSIM.