Cancel a RedPocket Mobile line

Please visit to cancel your line. Representatives are available by phone, email, and chat from 5 AM to 9 PM PST, Monday through Sunday. 

If you decide to reactivate your service, please contact us as soon as possible! Once your line is closed, we can't guarantee that we can reactivate your phone number. You may need to choose a new number. 

Once your account is canceled, all plan credits, referral credits, roll-over credits, and service plan discounts will be forfeited. Please use any account credits or discounts before disconnecting your service. 

Please Note: The "Cancel Subscription" button in your online account will disable automatic payments but not close the account. Please contact a support representative to close the account. 

Planning to transfer your phone number?

Complete the number transfer process before canceling your account. If you cancel the account first, your number may be lost!


Reactivating a cancelled account

To reactivate a phone line, you'll need to get in touch with RedPocket customer support. Please visit