I need to add a line to my account and cannot receive the text verification

You can add a line to your account one of two ways. Receive an SMS text message to the phone number for your new line, or confirm the ICCID number that belongs to your SIM card.

Log into your account at redpocket.com/my-lines and click on the ADD A LINE button to begin.


Unable to receive the text message

After you click the ADD A LINE button and enter your phone number, refresh the page to see other options. If you are unable to receive a text message to confirm your new line, click on "Confirm Line". 


Then click on "Confirm Another Way" and enter the SIM card number or phone IMEI linked to the new line, in the field that pops up. Click here to learn how to find your phone's MEID or IMEI number.

Your SIM card number (the ICCID number) can be found on the back of the SIM card or inside the pamphlet that your SIM card arrived in. 

Once confirmed, your new line will be attached to your online Red Pocket Mobile account.