CDMAS: Information about Removable ICC ID and UICC Cards

About  Removable ICC ID and UICC Cards

Due to the evolution of LTE, some CDMA Devices now have Removable UICC Cards which are comparable to GSM SIM Cards.  It is important to note that there are some important differences in how they function and operate and without the UICC Card we may not be able to activate your CDMA-S LTE Device.  LTE Device have a either a removable or embedded UICC which is known as the ICC ID of the Device.


About Removable UICC Cards

All LTE phones require a Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC), which can be either embedded or removable.   Due to industry trends, the newest CDMA-S Devices have a Removable ICC ID that is required for activating the newest CDMA-S LTE Device Models on Red Pocket Mobile.  Popular models with the Removable UICC includes the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One, HTC 8XT, Motorola Moto X, LG G2, and the Google Nexus 5.


What is a UICC card?

A UICC card is the physical smart card that allows for LTE network authentication and access. It’s a new generation SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) card for CDMA. No customer-specific information—like contacts, address book, or account information, photos, or personal data— is stored on this card.


What is an ICC ID?

The ICC ID (Integrated Circuit Card ID) is a unique 20-character ID serial number assigned to the card. The UICC is a term to describe the card itself, the ICCID is the serial number assigned to the UICC card.


Swapping UICC

A removable UICC can be moved to a different device, but this is discouraged. You have to have to confirm (perform a swap) of the both ICCIDs in the activation (or billing) system.


Sharing UICCs between two phones

UICCs may not be shared between two devices. Each UICC is assigned to a transceiver and paired together. Users may not simply pop the ICC ID out of one device and use it immediately in another device like they can on GSM-A or GSM-T. You must specifically use the ICC ID that came with your Device or that was made the replacement ICC ID for your CDMA-S Device.


What do you do with them?

When a device has a removable UICC, you must confirm that the ICC ID matches the ICC ID displayed in the system. The need to replace a UICC, or swap it to a different device, should be a very rare occurrence.


What if I remove or lose my UICC Card?

If you remove your UICC card, LTE service will stop working until you reinsert the UICC card.  


If you lose you UICC card?

If you have a lost UICC Card you will need to get a replacement ICC ID from either the Carrier you originally purchased your Device from or from Red Pocket Mobile.


Can I copy personal data onto the SIM?

No. The SIM is not to be used for storing any personal or application data when using your phone. Attempting to tamper with the SIM itself may cause the UICC to become unusable.


Can I create a backup of the UICC?

The CDMA-S UICC is a unique SIM technology and cannot be duplicated. Strong security encryption and anti-tampering measures have been designed into the UICC.


Where can I buy a REmovable ICC ID Card for Red Pocket Mobile CDMA-S?

If you need to replace your UICC, it must be CDMA-S UICC compatible with your device. Red Pocket Mobile has some replacement UICC Cards in stock and you may contact us if you lose your Removable ICC ID.