CDMAS: What if the phone does not activate with Hands-Free Activation?

CDMA-S Activation Troubleshooting

Verify Device Programming

Sometimes devices may appear to have been programmed but still cannot place or receive calls or access Data Services. To verify that your device is programmed to work on Red Pocket Mobile, please follow these steps:

If your username is correct on your Device, then Update Device Settings

If your username is not correct on your Device,then Reset Factory Settings


Update Device Settings

Please try to connect to a WiFi Network and do the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Dial  ##UPDATE# (873283) and press dial if required to automatically Update the PRL, Profile, and Firmware
  • If this does not work, try going into Settings, and locate System Updates and update the following:
    • Update PRL
    • Update Firmware
    • Update Data Profile
  • Your device may need to reboot after System Updates
  • Place a test call to Red Pocket Mobile by dialing 611

Reset Factory Settings

If Updating Device Settings does not work, please backup your phone settings, contacts, and important content before attempting to restore factory defaults on your device.  

  • Dial ##RTN# (786)
  • Select option to Reset
  • Enter your 6 Digit MSL Code
  • Wait for Device to reboot
  • Place a test call to Red Pocket Mobile by dialing 611