Does Red Pocket Mobile have a family plan?

Sign up for our family plan and get unlimited talk, text and data (20GB at high speed). Pay $30/mo for your primary line and just $20/mo for additional lines.

Red Pocket offers family plans with unlimited talk, text, and data (20 GBs of data at high speeds). Pay $30 per month for your primary line and just $20 per month for additional lines. 

Step 1: Select between 2 and 5 lines for your family plan. 

Step 2: Choose the wireless networks (GSMA, GSMT, or CDMA) for each line. Mix and match.


Compatible Phone GSM Unlocked or AT&T-compatible GSM Unlocked or T-Mobile-compatible GSM Unlocked or Verizon-compatible
WiFi Calling Included Included Not Included
VoLTE Included Included Included
International Calling To over 80 countries To over 80 countries To over 80 countries
Network Speed 5G* 5G* 5G*


Step 3: Pay $30 for your primary line and $20 for secondary lines. You'll incur a $10 signup fee for each secondary line with your initial purchase.

Step 4: Activate each SIM card at after you receive them in the mail. Connect your lines together to manage them all under one account. 

Step 5: Each line gets unlimited minutes, unlimited text messages, and unlimited data with 20GBs at high speed, every month. 

Step 6: Pay $30 per month for your primary line and $20 per month for secondary lines. 

You can add or remove lines from your family plan at any time. Please note that your family plan can contain between 2 and 5 total lines. 

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