Financing options powered by SmartPay

Purchase a phone and pay over time with SmartPay. Pre-qualify in minutes and then shop with your pre-approval amount.

Finance a new iPhone 

SmartPay lets you buy your phone today, and pay for it over time. Monthly payments are based on payment history and other factors. Visit the SmartPay customer portal after you complete your Red Pocket Mobile order, to manage payments. You'll receive an email with login information and access to the SmartPay customer portal

To get started, visit our website and select a product and a plan. Then, on the checkout page, select the SmartPay payment method. You'll be taken to a new window to complete the SmartPay leasing application. Terms and conditions apply.


Does applying hurt my credit score?

SmartPay is a no-credit-required lease-to-own product. "No credit required" means that, although no minimum FICO score or established credit history is necessary to apply, SmartPay may check past payment history based on the information you provide in the application.


Can I improve leasing terms later if my score improves or I make a larger payment?

The approval amount and lease term will vary by customer and device. Also, your FICO score does not determine financing eligibility and will not affect the lease term offer. SmartPay requires an upfront or initial payment, but it cannot exceed the amount of your ongoing lease payment amount.


If I am approved for $1000, can I buy one item for $400 and another for $600?

You may only lease one device at a time. Therefore, if you are approved for $1,000 and lease a device for just $400, one of the following must occur before you can submit a new application and lease a new device:

  1. Take the Early Buyout option,
  2. Complete the full lease term, or
  3. Return the device to SmartPay

For more information, please reach out to the SmartPay Customer Service line. Contact 1-855-249-8371.