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    My LG V20 phone just stop working, it sends CALL ENDED immediately when I try to make a call.  It was working fine few days before, got it to work again, then started getting CALL ENDED again.  I can call out to call Red Pocket, sent email to (or whatever I can't remember) and still haven't received any response.  Left a message on Facebook but hmmm. No idea.

    BTW, I'm still be able to use WhatsApp and other apps require mobile phone.  So, what's going on (how can I get rid of the Live Chat window blocking 99% of the writing screen?).  Please email letting me know what's going on.


    - red Pocket server problem?

    - the SIM I'm using no longer compatible with the new changes?


    It's been days that I can't use my phone, please email me (I can't call)

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