How Do I Change My Plan?

Upgrade or downgrade, here are the steps.

Table of Contents

How do I upgrade my plan?

Upgrading your plan on Red Pocket is quick and easy. Login at

  1. Click the Plans tab. 
  2. Choose a new plan. 
  3. Click Buy Now. 
  4. Decide when to change the plan for your line -- immediately, forfeiting your remaining minutes, text messages, and data, or in the future on your renewal date.
  5. Complete the checkout process to submit payment for your plan. 

What if I want to renew later?

You won't be charged when you submit your plan change request.

When your Renewal Date arrives, your credit or debit card will automatically be charged for the price of your plan, and your account will be refilled. To review or cancel any scheduled plan charges, click the Future Plan Change Requests button at the top of your account. 

Visit to view future changes. 

What if I want to renew immediately? 

When renewing immediately, you will forfeit the unused minutes, text messages, and data provided by your previous plan. You will incur a charge, and you'll immediately see your newly selected plan and a new renewal date.