How do I set up my Red Pocket online account?

You've purchased from

Your account is already active. When you purchased your Red Pocket Mobile product, you registered for an online account. Please log in at with the same email address you used to complete your purchase. 


You've purchased from Target, eBay, or another third party

If you've activated your SIM card from the third party eBay activation website, or in-store, you can sign up for an online Red Pocket Mobile account to see your minutes, text messages, and high-speed data balances or make payments.

Visit and click "Register". Fill out the form and create an online Red Pocket Mobile account.

Now, you'll need to connect your SIM Card to your online account. Click the ADD A LINE button and enter your phone number. Click here to learn more about adding a line to your account. 


What's next?

To learn how to navigate your new Red Pocket Mobile online account, read this! If need to activate a Red Pocket Mobile SIM card or phone, visit article can help you understand the activation process.