How does payment work for multi-month plans? (3-month, 6-month, 12-month, 24-month)

At the end of your 12-month plan term, your phone line will go into an 'Airtime Expired' status. You'll need to renew your service with another 12-month plan. 


Renewing your phone line with the same plan

If you're renewing your phone line with the same service plan, log in online at

  1. Click on your line, then click on "SUBMIT PAYMENT".
  2. Select "Pay My Bill". 
  3. Submit payment to renew your service plan. If your current plan term has not yet ended, your service plan will 'stack'. This means your renewal date will be updated to accommodate an additional 360 days of service. 


Promotional offers

Renewing your multi-month plan online is fast and easy. However, if we're running any promotional offers on multi-month plans, you will not see these promotions when you log into your account.

Use the "Switching to a different multi-month plan" method below, to take advantage of any promotional offers.  


Switching to a different multi-month plan

If you plan to switch to a different multi-month plan, you'll need to purchase a new 12-month service plan from our website or eBay listing. You can then apply the plan you've purchased to your existing phone line. When you apply a new multi-month plan to your phone line it will override your existing service plan. You'll forfeit any remaining minutes, text messages, or data balances. 

Purchasing from the website: Visit Select one of the unlimited talk, text, and data plans to purchase a new 12-month service plan and SIM card. DO NOT activate the new SIM card. Instead, contact customer service to have the service plan that you've purchased applied to your existing phone line.

Purchasing from Red Pocket Mobile's eBay listing: Visit Scroll down to eBay exclusive plans. Click on a plan to be taken to the Red Pocket Mobile eBay listing. From the listing dropdown, select "Renewal/Existing SIM". 

You'll receive an email with your order receipt and Activation PIN code. Login at and then click on your line. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to enter the Activation PIN and apply the service plan to your phone line. 


Switching from multi-month to monthly

If you'd like to switch from your multi-month plan to a monthly plan, log in online at Click on your phone line and then click on "SUBMIT PAYMENT".

Select "UPGRADE MY PLAN" and choose a new monthly plan from the list of available service plans. You can decide to make the adjustment immediately -- forfeiting your remaining minutes, text messages, and data balances -- or schedule the change to occur when your plan term ends. .