iOS - eSIM manual installation instructions

This article will help you install your eSIM card manually.

Important: Please allow 5 minutes after purchase before trying to activate your eSIM.

eSIMs can only be used with phones that are eSIM-compatible. Click here for a list of eSIM-compatible phones. These instructions apply to your GSMA or GSMT eSIM. 

It's best to use the QR code (or click the link) that you'll get in email after your SIM card activation. Scanning the QR code (or clicking on the link) will automatically enter your unique activation code and other configuration details into your phone, making eSIM setup very quick and easy!

However, if you’re having trouble using the QR code or link that was sent to you, you may set up your eSIM manually.

These steps must be completed while your phone is connected to Wi-Fi. Your phone’s operating system will be updated during this process, if necessary, to enable Dual-SIM functionality. Dual-SIM functionality is needed for eSIM to work.

Steps for iPhones: 

These instructions apply to iPhone models. For Android, click here

If your iPhone is a 13 series model or earlier, these steps must be completed while your phone is connected to Wi-Fi. If necessary, your phone’s operating system will be updated during this process to enable Dual SIM functionality. This is needed for eSIM to work. iPhone 14 series and later can complete this step without Wi-Fi.

If you have an older series iPhone and don't have access to Wi-Fi, consider using a public Wi-Fi spot, like a coffeeshop or public library. You can also use a hotspot connection to complete this process.

Step 1: On your phone, tap on the Settings application. 

Step 2: Make sure to update your operating system to the latest version. This step is very important. The latest version will appear immediately in your phone's Settings and you can tap on it from there. If it does not appear, click on General and then Software Update

Step 3: Next, tap on “Add Cellular Plan.”

Step 4: You will see a popup that uses your phone’s camera. This popup lets you scan the QR code we sent to you after activation. For manual setup, click on “Enter Details Manually.”

Step 5: Enter your setup details. 

  • For GSMA: Our SM-DP+ Address is :
  • For GSMT: Our SM-DP+ Address is : CUST-005-V4-PROD-ATL2.GDSB.NET

Activation Code: This is a 45-character code that was sent to you by email and presented to you after activation. It looks like this: ABC:0$RSP-1234.IDEMIA.IO$ABCDE-FGHIJ-KLMNO-PQRST.

Confirmation Code: This is an 11-digit number sent to you by email after your plan was delivered. The confirmation code is not required for this setup.

Step 6: After processing the data, your phone may require a software update to enable Dual SIM functionality. Click here to learn more about Dual SIM card functionality

Step 7: Now you’ll need to set your new RedPocket plan as the primary or secondary number on your phone. If your phone is dual-SIM capable, and you have another calling plan already installed on your phone, you can choose which service plan and phone number will be your primary and which will be your secondary, at this point in the setup process. 

Your phone might turn off and then back on again while it undergoes configuration. Once complete, you’ll be able to switch from one phone number to another when making calls. You’ll also be able to see which phone number is responsible for incoming calls.