Is international calling free with Red Pocket Mobile?

Red Pocket Mobile provides FREE international calling on all networks and all mobile plans.

We’ve partnered with international calling services provider Elite Telecom to provide international calling free with every Red Pocket mobile plan. So, you can call the entire world, including unlimited to 80+ countries from the US. It’s like calling state to state…all without raising prices. 

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ALL Red Pocket Mobile Plans Provide Free WORLDWIDE Calling from Stateside

  • No hoops to jump through
  • No apps to download
  • No credits to earn
  • No contracts 
  • No activation fees

It’s already part of your Red Pocket calling package…just pick up the phone and start calling your world, including unlimited to 80+ countries!

Can I call the number of minutes shown on each destination, and if I exhaust those, can I still call unlimited ones?

The destinations showing minutes are part of a monthly credit available to all Red Pocket voice plans and can be consumed calling a single destination or pooled with calls to multiple destinations. The unlimited countries can be called even if this credit is exhausted.

To add additional credits to enable more calling to the listed destinations, Log in at, click on your Line, and then click on Pay to add international calling credits. To find the expected minutes, visit and select your desired country from the drop-down list.

To protect against abuse of the International Calling feature, we place the billing cycle limit at 20 unique destination phone numbers per month. Any unique phone numbers called beyond the 20 will be deducted from your monthly credit  

How do I place an international call?

For direct calling, dial 011 + Country Code + The Phone Number. 

For example, say you'd like to call the National Library in Spain, whose phone number is +34 915 80 78 00. You would dial 011, then 34, then 915 80 78 00. 

If dialing directly does not work, dial your Access Code, which varies based on your network, and wait until you hear a 2-tone beep. Dial Access Code + 011 + Country Code + The Phone Number. 

Which Red Pocket networks support international calling?

Please see the following table for Access Codes based on your network. Placing international calls using a CDMA device requires an access code. GSMA and GSMT devices can usually place international calls without it. 

Network Access Code
GSMA 17127758888
GSMT 18579571200
CDMA 17127758888

For example, say you have a GSMT phone and like to call the National Library in Spain, whose phone number is +34 915 80 78 00. You must first dial the Access Code 18579571200 and wait until you hear the 2-tone beep. Then dial 011, then 34, then 915 80 78 00. 


Note: As a security measure, you may be asked to enter a verification code the first time you call certain countries. Press 1 to receive your code via text message or Press 2 for customer service. Once verified, you will not be asked to repeat this process for future calls to the same country. Calls to a different country, however, may require verification. 


If you have any additional questions, we're here to help! Contact us by phone, live chat, or email. Visit