Placing a phone call with my secondary number

With eSIM, you can have more than one number on the same device. When you are ready, switch between your numbers to place an outgoing call.

Open your phone's dialer, and tap on the line you want to use. In your phone's recent history, you'll be able to see which of your phone numbers placed a call and to which of your phone numbers a call was received. 


image iphone dual sim select dial-2

Do my internet settings affect calling and texting?

Yes! On most devices, you have the flexibility to use the data settings provided by one or more of your lines. You can enable Cellular Data Switching, which means, you give your phone permission to switch between each of your different phone plans for internet access, or you can force your phone to use only one of your lines for internet access. 

Note that even if you force your phone to rely on one line for data access, you will still be able to rely on your other lines for calling and texting.

If you force your phone to use one line for connecting to the internet,  for example, your primary phone line, that means your other lines, for example, secondary lines, will not have internet connectivity.

Even if you want to rely on just one line for internet connectivity, it's important to ENABLE LTE for each of your lines, including your secondary lines. This is because, after the 3G shutdown, LTE access is required for all calling and texting to work. Enabling LTE allows your phone to place calls over the LTE network -- a feature referred to as VoLTE or Voice over LTE. 

To enable LTE access, turn your device ON, go to Settings, tap on your additional line(s), and then tap on Enable LTE or Enable VoLTE. 

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