Protect your phone! Android devices

Red Pocket Mobile partners with Likewize to provide device protection options to Android phone customers. Protect your phone from screen breaks and hardware malfunctions by signing up for one of our protection plans. Loss and theft coverage is also available in certain states. 

Do you have a new iPhone purchased from redpocket.comClick here to learn about phone protection.


The Phone Protection Plus Plan for Android
Enjoy peace of mind from broken screens, electrical malfunctions, loss, theft, and more. The Red
Pocket Mobile Phone Protection Plus Plan provides the following benefits:

  • Coverage for loss, theft, accidental damage from handling (including liquid damage) and
    malfunction (after the manufacturer’s warranty expires) - up to 2 approved claims per
  • Repair and replacement with refurbished or new Android devices

The Phone Protection Plus Plan is available in the following states:

Washington DC
New Jersey

For complete details including deductibles and terms and conditions, visit


How do I sign up?
Sign up for one of the phone protection plans when you purchase your new phone.

If you decide to purchase your phone first and then sign up for protection later, be sure to sign up
for a compatible phone protection plan within 60 days of your purchase. Your online Red Pocket
Mobile account must be active, and your Device ID must be attached to your account. To see
your Device ID login at

Then, click on the “Other Add-Ons” category. Select the device protection plan you’d like to
enroll in.


Not seeing your Device ID?
Make sure to complete the setup process which includes, activating your SIM card by going to, inserting your SIM card into your phone, and configuring your APN
internet settings. Our Getting Started article here will assist you with these steps.


How do I file a claim or service request?
Your coverage begins immediately upon enrollment. File a claim or service request within 60
days of the device incident occurring. Please visit Likewize's Online Portal to start a claim.


Additional Questions?

We’re here to help! If you have any additional questions about device protection, please visit
Likewize at or call 1-855-975-9533.