Red Pocket Mobile offers annual (360 day) plans

Save money by purchasing a year of wireless service in advance with plans that start at $2.50/month.

Red Pocket Mobile offers 360 day service plans on eBay and Save money when you pay for a full year of service up front. Options are available on the GSMA, GSMT, and CDMA network. 

Did you know? eSIM is now available with Annual Plans! Select GSMA and choose eSIM as your delivery option at checkout. Remember, only certain devices are compatible with eSIM at this time. 

  1. Select your 12-month plan. 
  2. Select your network
  3. Receive your SIM card in the mail. 
  4. Activate it at If you purchased your 12-month plan from eBay, use the PIN that was emailed to you to apply your service plan to the SIM card. Transfer a phone number in during the activation process, or get a new wireless phone number. 
  5. Create a new online account or log in to an existing one to manage your phone line.

Pre-paid service plans expire after 90 days from your order date. Be sure to activate your calling plan prior to the expiration date. 

You will submit a payment for your phone service once every 12-months, however, you'll receive a new balance of minutes, text messages, and data each month.