How do I Set Up My Family Plan With RedPocket?

We're so happy you're considering a Red Pocket Mobile Family Plan! The Family Plan offers unlimited talk, text, and data (with 20GBs of high-speed data) each month, for each line. Manage payments for your family plan by logging into and clicking on your Family Plan's Primary Line. 

If you have any additional questions, we're here to help! Visit

How to get started

There are two ways to start a family plan:

  1. You've purchased your Family Plan SIM cards from
  2. You have individual phone lines and you want to consolidate 2-5 of them into one Family Plan. 

Purchased from 

1. Gather the SIM cards you've purchased from, and activate each one at Make sure to log into the online Red Pocket Mobile account you created when placing your order. Use the same email address and password. 

2. Once each line has been activated, go to and click the "EDIT FAMILY PLAN" button. Click the "ADD LINE" buttons next to the phone lines you want to include in your Family Plan. The first line you select will become your Primary Line. 

What is a Primary Line?

The Primary Line is the phone line that will be used to manage your payments. Your Primary line also holds your plan's renewal date. When you want to adjust your payment method, log into and select your Primary phone line from the list. Then, go to the Payments section.

Any changes you make to your Primary phone line payment method will affect all payments for your Family Plan lines. 


Please Note: You paid for your Family Plan lines' first month of service when you placed your order at Therefore, when you complete the Family Plan setup process, you will not incur any charges. 

However, after completing the Family Plan setup process, you will be charged for any additional changes you make to your family plan. Please add all the activated phone lines you want to include in your Family Plan during the initial setup.

Do you want to consolidate individual lines?

If you already have some individual activated Red Pocket Mobile lines and want to turn them into a Family Plan, go to and click "EDIT FAMILY PLAN".

Select the phone lines you would like to include in your Family Plan. The first line you select will become your Family Plan's primary line.  The Primary Line will manage your Family Plan's renewal date and payment method. 

Cancel active and recurring plans on individual phone lines

1. If one of your lines has a recurring plan (auto-pay) it cannot be added as a Family Plan line. Turn recurring payments off first. This can be done from the Family Plan management page after selecting "ADD A LINE" with a recurring payment. 

Disabling family plan lines will automatically turn off Auto-Pay. Even if you do not continue with the Family Plan setup steps, Auto-Pay will be removed, so ensure you include a line before disabling recurring payments. 

2. Select "Preview My Family Plan" and submit payment when ready.

*You will be charged $30 per month for your Primary Line. You will be charged $20 per month for secondary lines + a one-time $10 fee for each secondary line, charged during the setup process.