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Setting up your NeoFlip phone after activation

Remove the back cover from the phone and insert your SIM card. Then wait 15 seconds to receive a connection.

Setting up your Neo Flip phone is easy! The Neo Flip is a dual SIM, LTE-capable flip phone with an LCD screen. To get started, insert your Red Pocket Mobile SIM card into your device. 


How to insert the SIM card into NeoFlip phone

Step 1: Turn your Neo Flip phone off.

Step 2: Remove the back cover from the phone and the phone battery. Locate the number 1 (primary) SIM card slot and insert your Red Pocket Mobile SIM card, with the gold connector facing down. Make sure you insert the Red Pocket Mobile SIM into the primary SIM card slot, to receive an internet connection from your Red Pocket Mobile account.

Step 3: The secondary SIM card slot can be used for a second phone number, but SIMs in that slot will not be used for internet access. 

Step 4: Once inserted, replace the phone's battery and back cover. Wait 15 seconds and then turn the phone on. Your device should automatically receive an internet connection and a wireless signal. Place a phone call to a non-VoIP phone number to complete the setup process. 


What is a Non-VoIP phone number?

Some phone numbers are using internet services to handle their phone calls and text messages. This can include WhatsApp or Google Hangouts phone numbers, or Magic Jack phone numbers. If you place your first phone call to a number that is using one of these services your device may not work properly. 

For your first phone call, you must dial a cell or landline phone number that is using standard cellular service.


Still having trouble connecting your phone?

Is your SIM card LTE compatible? If the SIM card you're using is incompatible with your phone, you'll need to replace it. All customers who have an incompatible SIM card have been mailed a replacement within the last 2 weeks. Please contact our customer support team to find out if your SIM card is incompatible and if your replacement SIM is arriving soon. This will typically apply only to customers whose SIM card is several years old. 

Lastly, if you have already inserted your SIM card into your phone, placed a non-VoIP phone call, and you've purchased your Red Pocket Mobile SIM card within the last couple of years (or you've inserted the replacement SIM you received in the mail) then you may need to manually configure your NeoFlip phone's APN network settings. Click here