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Activated? It's time to setup your CDMA line

You’ve just activated your SIM card and now you’re ready to set up your phone. We can help.

Did you transfer over a phone number? Please wait until the phone number transfer is complete before you proceed. You may continue using your old cell phone service until your phone number is transferred over to your Red Pocket account. Log in to redpocket.com/my-lines to keep an eye on your phone number transfer status.

This article will help you complete setup when you're using the CDMA network. If you are using the GSMA network instead, click here, and if you are using the GSMT network instead, click here. 
Step 1: Insert your SIM card into your phone. Wait up to 15 minutes for your device to acquire a signal. Your device should receive a signal automatically.
If you have an iPhone, and you have not received your automatic APN text message, visit https://www.redpocket.com/configure-handset while on your Red Pocket Mobile phone, to download the APN profile that you need. 

Step 2: Turn VoLTE ON. To enable VoLTE on your phone, go back to Mobile Networks section, and look for VoLTE. Make sure to toggle or check this feature to enable it. 

Step 3: lace a phone call! This step is very important, so do not skip it! You must place a phone call to finish initializing your setup and enable calling and texting functionality on your phone. You must call another regular cell phone number. You cannot call a VoIP (Google Voice, Magic Jack, etc.) number.

You will also need to setup your voicemail inbox. Click here for help with this.

Finished! If you have any questions, we're happy to help! Click here to learn how to get in touch with us. Thank you for joining Red Pocket Mobile!