Sign up for Phone Protection after your order

If you are interested in purchasing a new iPhone from Red Pocket Mobile and you would like to pay for your phone on a monthly basis, select the SmartPay payment method! To take advantage of Phone Protection options, protecting your phone from screen breaks, accidental damage from handling and hardware malfunctions sign up for the Phone Protection Plan with AppleCare services after you have completed your order.

At this time, you cannot use the Smartpay payment method to sign up for Phone Protection, however, you are free to enroll in Phone Protection using another method of payment, by logging into your account after your order.  Log in at, click on your line, then click on Add-Ons to sign up for Phone Protection. You must enroll in Phone Protection within 60 days of your Red Pocket Mobile iPhone order. 


What is SmartPay?

SmartPay lets you buy your phone today, and pay for it over time. Terms and conditions apply. Monthly payments are based on payment history and other factors. Visit the SmartPay customer portal after you complete your order, to manage payments. You'll receive an email with login details and access to the SmartPay customer portal. Click here for more information. 


What is Phone Protection?

Red Pocket Mobile partners with Likewize to provide device protection options. Protect your phone from screen breaks, accidental damage from handling, and hardware malfunctions by signing up for one of our protection plans. 

Some phone protection plans include protection against loss and theft. Terms apply for these lines.

For more information click the links below:

Protecting an Android phone

Protecting an iPhone

Read the terms and conditions.