The GSMA 3G network is shutting down, starting February 2022

Phones only capable of 3G will no longer work on the GSMA network starting 2/2022. Upgrade to a phone with VoLTE capabilities.

The 3G GSMA network shuts down on February 22, 2022.

3G connectivity has been discontinued, however, most 4G LTE or 5G compatible phones will continue to work with our GSMA network SIM cards. The best way to confirm that your device will continue to work after the shutdown date is to be sure your phone is VoLTE capable. Click here to see if your device will continue to operate


What can I do if my phone is 3G-only and will be affected? 

Red Pocket Mobile can help you upgrade to a 4G or 5G device, on any budget, with financing options available. Please visit to take a look at our available phones. 

When you purchase a phone, you'll receive a new network SIM card. Contact us if you need help transferring over your account information. 


You may need to upgrade your SIM card as well

If your SIM card was purchased years ago, you may be using an older SIM card that is not compatible with VoLTE phones. VoLTE is an important requirement for devices that will remain functional after the 3G shutdown. 

All affected Red Pocket Mobile customers were recently sent brand new, VoLTE-compatible SIM cards in the mail. Please check your mailbox for your new SIM card. SIMs were mailed to the address on record.

Once you have your SIM card in hand, update your account with the new SIM card number and then complete APN network setup steps. This will allow an over-the-air (OTA) update, connecting your phone service to the new SIM card. Click here to learn about swapping your SIM card.

If you did not receive a SIM card in the mail, and you are affected, we can get you a replacement. Contact Red Pocket Mobile's customer support team for assistance, email or visit

Click here to learn how to update your account with your new SIM card number. 

Click here to learn how to complete APN network setup steps after receiving your new SIM. 


I am still having trouble after swapping my SIM /  using a VoLTE device

If you have already replaced your SIM card and/or upgraded your phone, or if your phone is on the list of devices that will remain functional, but you are still having trouble with your wireless connection, click here for troubleshooting assistance.