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Troubleshooting your phone after the 3G shutdown

If your phone was affected by the GSMA shutdown, enable VoLTE settings, check your IMEI number for accuracy and re-configure APN network settings.

Your device may have been affected by the 3G shutdown. We'll walk you through some troubleshooting steps to help determine if the 3G shutdown is the reason for your connection issues, or if your device has another problem. A list of phones that will continue to work after the 3G shutdown, provided by our underlying carrier, is available at redpocket.com/3G.

Some phones that are not on the list, but have VoLTE capability may still work. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that your VoLTE-capable phone will continue to function, but we can walk you through some troubleshooting steps to try and get your device up and running. Complete the following steps to see if your phone is having trouble as a result of the shutdown and to troubleshoot the problem.

Important Information

Red Pocket Mobile is working hard to resolve issues related to the 3G shutdown. The steps in this FAQ can take between 15 to 20 minutes to go through completely. Please do not skip a step.

We want to set the proper expectations. Many of our customers find that these troubleshooting steps resolve their connection problems! Unfortunately, however, a significant number of our customers are finding that, after completing all possible troubleshooting steps, the best solution is to switch networks or upgrade their device. If you have any questions or want some help with these troubleshooting steps, dedicated support representatives are standing by.

Step 1: Update your device's software.

Step 2: Enable VoLTE Settings

Step 3: Make sure your device and account MEID/IMEI numbers match

Step 4: Check coverage and cellular data settings.

Step 5: Re-do APN network configuration. 

Click here for GSMA, here for GSMT, and here for CDMA

If you have completed all of the above troubleshooting steps, please contact us. Our customer service representatives can check your additional account settings and functionality, and help you with your next steps. 

To avoid repeating steps and help our customer support representatives best assist you, please send us a screenshot of your VoLTE settings enabled and software updated

Submit a ticket or send an email to support@redpocket.com.