U365: How to restrict calls on my Samsung Gusto 2

Your mobile device allows you to restrict both incoming and outgoing calls as well as Text Messages.

Important! Access to all Security settings requires your device’s lock code. By default, both the Phone Only Lock Code and the Calls & Services Lock Code are the last four digits of your phone number. You can change your lock code under Menu Settings > Phone > Security > Edit Codes.

For security reasons, your lock codes are not displayed. If you change your code, be sure to record the new code for future reference.

Restricting Incoming/Outgoing Calls

  • Press the left soft key for Menu > Settings > Phone > Security
  • Enter your lock code and select Restrictions; re-enter lock code again to gain access.
  • Use the Directional key to highlight Calls to set restrictions for calls, then press the OK key to SET


Incoming Calls

  • Allow All: Allows all incoming calls.
  • Contacts Only: Allows only callers in your Contacts List to be received.
  • Block All: Blocks all incoming calls.


Outgoing Calls

  • Allow All: Allows all outgoing calls.
  • Contacts Only: Allows only callers in your Contacts List to be dialed.
  • Block All: Blocks all dialing (except for 911).

Please Note: Alternatively, you have the option to restrict messages (SMS & MMS) under the menu option Messages. You can either Allow All or Block All for both incoming and outgoing messages.