What Are My Network Options in Puerto Rico?

Red Pocket Mobile service coverage extends into Puerto Rico with select network plans.

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The major networks from the U.S., GSMA, and GSMT, provide mobile services in Puerto Rico. CDMA only supports roaming.


GSMA is the leading network in Puerto Rico and offers extensive coverage in the US Virgin Islands. However, some areas are without service, so it's a good idea to consult their coverage map before visiting or staying in specific locations.

In 2019, GSMA sold its operations in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands to Liberty Latin America, so a name change to Liberty might be on the horizon.


GSMT has limited voice and SMS coverage in Puerto Rico but has reportedly had the fastest 5G download and upload speeds. It is advisable to check a coverage map before deciding to visit or stay in specific locations. 


The CDMA network operates solely in roaming mode. Users connected to this network can access their 4G/LTE data with a compatible device and use features such as voice calling.