What are plan credits and how do they work?

Plan credits provide you with a discount on the price of your purchase when you bundle a phone with a service plan, and your account remains active for 12 or 24 months (depending on the stated plan credit duration).

Depending on the plan you select, and the active offer, you'll see a discount on the cost of your service plan, each month, until the full value of your discount is realized.

Have you purchased a phone with plan credits? Click here to see your expected monthly discount and total purchase savings. 

Can I move the plan credits to another line?

The plan credits will only apply to the SIM card purchased with your iPhone during an ongoing offer. They cannot be transferred to another line. 

What happens if I change my plan? 

Your account must remain active for the entire duration of your plan credit discount offer. If you change your plan, you will forfeit remaining plan credits.