What does unlimited at 2G speeds thereafter mean?

How does data work?

Cellular data is used when performing certain actions or activities on your device. This includes browsing the internet, checking email, downloading applications, streaming music, watching movies or accessing social media apps like Facebook and Instagram.

Everything you do on your phone, that uses the internet, will come from your data plan unless you are connected to a WiFi network.


How do Red Pocket Mobile plans work?

Select one of our talk, text, and data plans by visiting  redpocket.com/plans. Many of our plans offer unlimited cellular data access, but with limited high-speed data.

This means, that as you use your device, your internet connection will be lightning fast. However, once you reach your high-speed allotment (which depends on the plan you’ve selected) connection speeds will be slower. You will still be able to access the internet, browse applications, check email, and more.

Note: Not all of our plans offer unlimited data. Check for the words ‘UNLIMITED AT 2G SPEEDS THEREAFTER’ to see which plans offer an unlimited internet connection.