What is CDMA?

CDMA is one of Red Pocket Mobile’s wireless network options. Red Pocket Mobile’s CDMA plans work with GSM-unlocked devices (GSM meaning the device can accept a SIM card, unlocked meaning the device can work with any wireless carrier). Red Pocket Mobile’s CDMA plans also work with devices that are locked to the Verizon Wireless network. 

GSM phones that were initially from other carriers like T-Mobile and AT&T, but that has since been unlocked will still work with this network. GSM phones that are locked to other carriers, like T-Mobile and AT&T will not work with this network. See our GSMT and GSMA networks, respectively, for other plan options. 

Isn’t CDMA different from GSM?

There are two things you should know about the term CDMA; what it means from a technical perspective and how Red Pocket Mobile uses this term. 

There are two different types of cell phone technology: CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) and GSM (Global System for Mobiles). CDMA cell phones store the most important service information (the phone number and service plan details) directly onto the phone, while GSM phones store that information onto a SIM card, which is then inserted into the phone. 

Another major difference between CDMA and GSM is that GSM phones allow you to make voice calls and transmit data at the same time, while CDMA phones do not. With CDMA, calls and data cannot both be used simultaneously. These standards and limitations applied only to 2G and 3G versions of the mobile network. 

As you probably know, 2G and 3G are a thing of the past. Most devices are now 4G LTE compatible and many are even using 5G! With the introduction of 4G LTE, things changed. For LTE to work, all phones supporting this version of the network had to allow for voice and data to be transmitted at the same time. After the introduction of 4G LTE, even traditionally CDMA carriers like Verizon Wireless had to start offering GSM phones – phones that transmit voice and data at the same time and accept SIM cards. 

This is why, even though the plans we sell and support are GSM, the network that Red Pocket Mobile uses is referred to as CDMA. 

Getting a CDMA SIM card and plan

If you’re interested in a CDMA calling plan, visit redpocket.com/plans/plans-cdma. Red Pocket Mobile’s plans can be activated within 90 days of purchase, giving you time to make the switch from your old wireless carrier. Plus, Red Pocket Mobile plans can be upgraded, downgraded, or canceled at any time without hassle (we offer a 7-day return policy). 

Visit redpocket.com/plans/plans-cdma to select a CDMA plan.