What talk, text and data plans does Red Pocket offer?

Red Pocket Mobile offers a variety of calling plans and data-only plans, starting at just $10.00 per month. Visit redpocket.com/specialoffers to select our $10 per month plan. 

Need unlimited minutes, text messages, and internet access for your phone? Visit redpocket.com/plans to select from calling plans starting at just $20.00 per month. Choose the high-speed data amount that fits your needs. 

5G high-speed data is available on the GSMA and GSMT networks. 5G is coming soon on CDMA. A compatible 5G phone is required. Click here to find out which phones are capable of accessing 5G speeds on our networks and plans. 

Which networks are your plans available on?

Red Pocket Mobile offers plans on every major network in the United States! With FREE international calling included. Select your plan, then choose your network. Remember, your phone must be GSM unlocked, or compatible with the underlying carrier to work with our service. Click here to learn about compatible phones

Are speeds throttled after the high-speed allotment is used?

Yes. On unlimited talk, text, and data plans, after your chosen high-speed data amount has been depleted, you'll experience slower speeds. However, you will remain connected thanks to your unlimited data plan.