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What to do about dropped calls or poor coverage

What to do if your calls keep dropping

If you experience dropped calls on a regular basis, there are a couple of things you should consider:


Poor Coverage:

To check coverage in your area, visit  www.redpocket.com/coverage, select  the network you're using and then click on the tower icon to view the coverage map. Enter your full physical address to get the most accurate look at available coverage in your area. Please zoom in on the map making  sure your address does not fall within, or near, a poor coverage zone. Poor coverage can affect your call quality, and poor coverage zones  can be difficult to identify without zooming in. 

Consider enabling WiFi calling. If your device is capable of this feature, it can help improve your signal strength by pulling from your phone's internet connection instead of relying entirely on the cellular network. Click here to learn how Red Pocket Mobile supports WiFi calling. 


Network Outages: 

If network towers are undergoing maintenance or there is an outage in your area, you will experience connection problems. This scenario may apply to you, if dropped calls are a sporadic occurrence and calling and texting previously worked just fine. You can use a tool like downdetector.com to see if other customers are experiencing connection problems in your area.


Environmental Factors: 

Please note that even certain environmental factors can affect the quality of your connection. Bad weather can damage network towers or hinder the transmission of cell signals. If you're attempting your phone calls indoors, be aware that certain building materials, like metal and even certain types of glass, can interfere with network signals and cause dropped calls. 


Can switching networks improve your experience?

Red Pocket Mobile supports calling plans on every major network in the U.S. If your calls keep dropping, please consider switching to one of our other networks. Check coverage first by visiting https://www.redpocket.com/coverage.

Determine the network with the strongest coverage in your area and then purchase a SIM and plan for that network. Our dedicated customer service team can help transfer over your phone number.