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CDMA SIMs are compatible with HD devices only

When activating a CDMA network SIM, you must use an HD compatible device. This is due to changes made by Red Pocket Mobile's underlying carrier for the CDMA network, effective 4/30/2019.

HD Voice is an advanced calling feature that works only on the LTE network. It provides clearer call quality. 


Is this change limited to Red Pocket Mobile?

No. This change effects all MVNOs using the same underlying carrier as the Red Pocket CDMA network.


How do I know if my device is capable of HD voice?

To check if a phone is capable of HD voice, check the settings for the option to enable Advanced Calling or VoLTE. If the device does not support Advanced Calling/VoLTE, it is likely not HD Compatible on the CDMA network.


What options do I have for my device if it is not HD voice compatible?

LTE compatible devices *may* work on one of Red Pocket's other network options, like the GSMA network, with the insertion and activation of a GSMA SIM.

3G devices will not be eligible for activation with any other network.


I am currently active on Red Pocket's CDMA network with a device that is not capable of HD voice. How will this change affect me?

This change has no effect on customers who have activated prior to 4/30/2019