The 'unsupported zip code' error and how to fix it

When activating your SIM card, you can transfer over a phone number or get a new number. If you're getting a new wireless phone number, you must use a US zip code, preferably of a major city. Invalid zip codes will result in an 'unsupported zip code' error. The area code generated for your new number will depend on the zip code entered during activation. 

If the error appears even when entering a US zip code, please double-check that you've entered the number correctly and that your zip code is corresponding with a US city.

In some cases, there may simply not be any phone numbers available for the area code, in your desired location. Please consider another zip code and area code that is nearby. 

Finally, if the problem persists when entering multiple zip codes, you may have a problem with your web browser. Try the activation process again in a private browser or clear your browser history and then start again.

If you are attempting to transfer a phone number from another wireless carrier, and you're receiving an error, please get in touch with our customer service department