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Activated? It's time to setup your eSIM

On your phone, scan the unique QR code or activation code that was sent to you by email, to install your eSIM. Remember: eSIMs cannot be reused.

Activating your eSIM

Make sure you've activated your new Red Pocket Mobile line at redpocket.com/activate, using your confirmation code. After activation, you'll be provided with your unique eSIM details.

eSIMs can only be used with phones that are eSIM compatible. Click here for a list of eSIM compatible phones. Red Pocket Mobile eSIM cards cannot be reused once they have been activated


How to set up your new eSIM 

These steps must be completed while your phone is connected to WiFi. Your phone’s operating system will be updated during this process, if necessary, to enable dual SIM functionality. This is needed for eSIM to work. 

Step 1: After activation, scan the QR code that appears on your screen. If you’re already on the phone you plan to use with your Red Pocket Mobile plan you'll receive a link to click.

If you’re having trouble scanning the QR code or accessing the link for automatic installation, you will need to complete the setup process manuallyClick here for android instructions, and click here for iPhone instructions.  

Step 2: The QR code (or link) will automatically take you to your phone’s settings, and it will input all of the activation details that you need to complete set up. Your phone may require a software update at this point, to enable dual SIM functionality. 

Step 3: Because all of your profile and activation details have been entered automatically, all you need to do now is to set your new Red Pocket Mobile plan as the primary or secondary number on your phone.

If your phone is dual-SIM capable and you have another calling plan already installed on your phone (such as another Red Pocket Mobile plan or a plan from another carrier), you can choose which service plan and phone number will be your primary and which will be your secondary.

Step 4: Your phone might turn off and then back on again to complete the configuration. Once complete, you’ll be able to switch from one phone number to another when making calls. You’ll also be able to see which phone number is responsible for incoming calls you receive.