Activating your RedPocket Mobile SIM card from Target

Activate your SIM after purchasing it from Target. Go to During activation, transfer a number in from another carrier or get a new number.

Activate the SIM at

Step 1: To set up your Target SIM card, first go to If you already have a RedPocket Mobile online account, simply log in. 

Step 2: If you do not yet have a RedPocket Mobile online account, create one by clicking the Register button. 

Step 3: Enter your SIM card's ICCID number and then click VALIDATE

Port your number on from another carrier 

So you plan to bring a phone number over from another wireless carrier? Make sure to click the Transfer Number checkbox during the activation process. Porting a phone number can only be done at this time! If you don't complete the number transfer now, you will not be able to later on. 

Make sure you have all the information you need, including: 

  • Your previous carrier's account number
  • PIN number
  • Your previous carrier's online account login details (username and password). 

For more information on the phone number transfer process, read this. 

Complete your initial refill 

If you purchased one of our SIM cards without a plan attached, you'll be able to select a plan during activation. RedPocket offers plans starting at $10.00/month depending on your network. 

If you purchased a pre-loaded SIM (plan included) 

If you purchased our pre-loaded SIM card, your plan is already selected and paid for. You'll enter your ICCID number, click VALIDATE and then you'll have the option to port a phone number in from another carrier. You only need to refill your account at, when your billing cycle renews (30 days after activation). 

Swapping the SIM card that is already on an existing RedPocket account

Are you instead, trying to replace the SIM card that is already on your account, with a new RedPocket SIM? Learn how by reading our Changing or replacing the SIM card number on your account article. 

Setting up your phone after activation

After activating your SIM card and selecting a plan, you'll need to put your SIM card into a compatible phone and then configure APN settings. 

Click here to learn how to configure APN Settings on your GSMA or GSMT device. CDMA devices do not require APN configuration, simply insert your SIM into your phone, turn it on and wait 20 minutes for your device to acquire a connection. If you need to manually force configuration for your CDMA phone, you can find manual setup steps by clicking here

If you have any questions about your RedPocket SIM card, setting up, or using your device, please reach out! We're here to help. Click here to contact us.