Can I add an another line to my Red Pocket account?

Manage all your lines effortlessly within a single Red Pocket online account.

If you activate a new line while logged in, it will seamlessly integrate into your account. To add a line not activated during your login, follow the instructions below.

Remember, a phone number and line can only be associated with one online account at any given moment. 

Step 1:
Log in
to your online account by visiting

Step 2:
Detect the line:
Begin by detecting the line from your account.
Adding a new line: Click on the + sign at the top of your account
. Select "Add An Existing Red Pocket Line". Upon successfully adding, a text confirmation will be sent to your phone for security reasons.

*Confirm the line: If you cannot receive the text, opt for "Confirm Another Way." To confirm that the line belongs to you, enter the SIM ICCID or phone IMEI associated with the new line.

Step 3:

Input the confirmation code to access and manage your new account, where you can check balances, apply refills, and explore other features!