Using My eSIM Internationally (Roaming)

Can I still use my RedPocket eSIM if I travel internationally?

RedPocket Mobile supports roaming on the GSMA network while you are visiting Mexico and Canada. Learn what to expect and how to enable the feature.

We also offer free international calling and texting -- available for use while you're located within the U.S. -- to over 80 countries.

RedPocket provides you with a free $10 monthly credit for international calling to countries that are not on the free, unlimited calling list. See how many minutes you can expect from your $10 monthly credit. Visit

If I am traveling to the U.S. from abroad, can I download a local eSIM on RedPocket Mobile's network?

Yes! Visit to select a monthly service plan or to select an annual service plan. Add the plan to your cart and choose eSIM as the delivery method.

Naturally, we recommend a monthly plan for a more temporary stay.

eSIMs can be purchased, activated, and installed within minutes!