CDMA: Device Compatibility Check




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    Day Vargo

    The very first line has broken link:

    "To check your CDMA device compatibility with Red Pocket Mobile go to  ..."  is a link to which does not exist.  

    Maybe you mean which redirects to  But you need to have a sim# to use that.

    In any case, I cannot find any place to put in an imei number on your website to check compatiblity without having first bought a sim.  It would be nice if you have a place to put in the imei number, and not only would it check compatiblity, it would tell you what sim kit(s) to buy, and link to coverage maps.

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    Susan Torrez

    It appears that RedPocket needs to hire this guy.  I might switch my 4 Verizon phones to RedPocket, but I want to check that my Galaxy Note 9 is compatible.  I do have one Iphone setup with RedPocket using the AT&T network and it works great, but....  

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