How do I swap phones on my account?

As technology improves, its exciting to change up the devices that you use! Red Pocket Mobile moves with you. In this article, you’ll learn how to change the phone you’re using. If you’re instead trying to change the SIM card (eSIM or Physical SIM card), read this article: Swapping the SIM on your account


Swapping phones is easy

Insert your SIM card into the new device.

Consider the SIM card size that your new phone needs. Simply insert your SIM into the new device if the current SIM fits well. That should automatically change the device that is assigned to your online Red Pocket Mobile account and you can use your new phone with your current plan balance.

 A new SIM is needed if your current SIM does not fit inside of your new device. Customer support must issue you a new SIM. Visit

Update your account ICCID number

You account should be updated automatically with your new phone's IMEI or MEID number, once you put your SIM card into the new device. However, if this update does not occur within 24 hours, you'll want to manually update this number. When your online account's MEID or IMEI number does not match the device used with your SIM you may find that certain device features don't work properly.

To see if the IMEI or MEID number has been updated, or updated this number manually, log in to your online account a Click on your line, then click the Summary tab. 

If the number under the "Device ID" section does not match the serial number in your phone's settings section, update it by clicking on the Edit icon. 

Click here to find your phone's MEID / IMEI number